Coach FAQ
Posted Dec 28, 2013

How do I become a coach? What documentation is required?

All interested coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers are required to complete a volunteer form at www.greaterlehighvalleyathletics.com.  Completion of this form gives permission to have a national criminal background check done by backgroundchecks.com. Once a clearance is received, coaches will be sent an email with further instructions on how to obtain state child abuse clearances.

How many coaches are needed per team?

It is recommended that there be one head coach and one assistant coach per team, if possible.  Assistant coaches will be required to clear a background check as well and will be responsible to coach games if the head coach is unavailable. 

What happens if the head and assistant coach is unavailable for game day?

Once the season’s schedule is created, we will not change game times due to coach unavailability. ONLY coaches that have cleared the background check are eligible to step in during game time. If there are no coaches available, contact the league directors as they will find someone to coach your team.  We strive to eliminate schedule changes.

Are coach discounts available? 

Yes, head coaches will receive a discounted registration rate for their children.  In order to receive this discount, coaches must register themselves first in order to clear their participation via a national background check. Upon completion, an email will be sent with a unique discount code. This code may be used when registering their child(ren).

What are the rules for NFL Flag Football?

Rules for NFL Flag Football can be found here

How many players are permitted on one team?

The league targets a maximum number of 12 to ensure quality playing time for everyone.

Can I bring a full team to play? (ie: I coach a tackle program in the fall and wish to form a few teams for the spring, but prefer to keep my players together…)

Yes, coaches are able to bring full teams into the league.  In order to maintain a competitive balance, the GLVA will do their best to match teams appropriately by their strength.

Do I need prior football coaching experience?

No. Coaches will be provided with a playbook and will be trained to understand NFL Flag rules and applicable codes of conduct during the seasonal coaches meeting.